Is your closet in the need of a touch- up, Hannah E. styling services will help you refresh, revamp, and restyle your closet to your personality and specifications. Services include: organization of closet, retire old styles, seasonal closet flips, and space utilization. Hannah looks forward to sharing easy tips for making your closet shoppable every morning. ($150 per hour)


Invite Hannah into your closet and together you will work with your existing wardrobe and create various looks that best suit your lifestyle. Partner to find new ways to wear your existing wardrobe. Hannah will reintroduce you to new and improved looks from your current wardrobe. Hannah believes in the idea of a  capsule wardrobe- bringing simplicity and versatility to your existing closet. A personalized lookbook for each client is included with each styling session. Let Hannah make getting dressed seamless! She wants all of her clients to leave home feeling confident and carefree. ($300) 


Whether you have a wedding, shower, cocktail party, or special event on the calendar allow Hannah to style your look from head to toe. If you’re having a hard time pulling together the perfect look for an occasion, look no further! Team up with Hannah to find a style that will have you feeling confident and comfortable for the special events in your life. (Inquire for pricing)




Need help navigating the stores? Hannah will not only bring her shopping expertise along for the day, but also add a fresh eye on what your wardrobe may be missing. Allow Hannah to assist you in finding the best silhouettes, styles, and colors for your closet! ($100 per hour)




Going away? Let Hannah do the packing! Packing for trips can be stressful, and let’s be honest that takes away from the excitement of going on a vacation. Hannah will send you off ready for your trip knowing exactly what is in your luggage. Together you will create looks that will have you feeling trendy and timeless on your travels. Let Hannah teach you all the tips for traveling with convenience and style. (Inquire for pricing)


Hannah understands that each client’s styling needs may vary. If you have your own styling needs in mind, reach out and together we can create your own personalized package. Hannah looks forward to mixing up your own “styling cocktail”.